Harmony for body and mind

A wellness massage is a proven means of recovering from nervousness and stress, for experiencing wellbeing and serenity. The focus here is on harmony of body, mind and spirit. Our day-to-day routine is all too often associated with stress. Constant tension that leads to forgetting ourselves a little. The phases when we lean back and relax become few and far between.  And ultimately we hardly know ourselves any more how to build those moments of wellbeing back into our lives. During your stay we offer you the chance to enjoy these moments.

Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage

30 mins. € 27.50

When driving, working at our desks or surfing on our computers, we often sit in the same position for hours on end. This can often be painful in the shoulder and neck area and lead to tensions. A massage in precisely these areas ensures relief and relaxation. It can also remedy symptoms such as headaches.

Lymph Drainage

20 mins. 22,00€; 40 mins. 40,00 €; 60 mins. 60,00 €
Alongside the blood vessels, the lymph vessels are an important transport system in the human body and an essential part of our immune system. As well as nutrients they also transport and dispose of metabolic waste products. The purpose of this gently circling massage technique is to improve the flow of lymph and stimulate the immune system. By applying repetitive movements with light pressure, the lymph vessels are stimulated to pull themselves together so that aggregates of surplus tissue fluids are carried away. Ensure you get a recuperated, relaxed appearance with manual lymph drainage for: your face, cleavage, shoulders and neck; stomach and both legs; cleavage, arms, shoulders and neck or neck, back and loins.

Foot Reflex Zone Massage

30 mins. 27,50€
This foot massage serves to increase your general wellbeing. It stimulates the inner organs and activates lymph and blood circulation. The effect of this massage can be felt all over the body as the centres of the soles of our feet are also stimulated through pressure points.

Grape Seed Oil Massage

60 mins. 65,00 €
Body massage with heated grape seed oil. A rejuvenating and relaxing pampering ritual. It promotes deep relaxation of the muscular system, releases tensions and has a pain-relieving, circulation-promoting effect. It also stimulates the metabolism and sense of wellbeing.


45 mins. 25,00 €; 60 Min. 35,00 €
Enjoy a cosmetic pedicure in our Wellness Area. The pedicure includes a soothing foot bath, a massage and the care of your toenails. After removing the calluses, your feet will shine with a new glow.

Chinese Healing Massage

40 mins. 39,00 €
Discover an Asian version of massage that is in fact part of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese healing massage is based on the idea that the organs of the human body are reflexively linked through meridians. By massaging along these meridians, the same stimulation points are addressed as with acupuncture, so that any disharmonies and malfunctions in the area of the soft tissues, joints and muscles are minimised.

Hot-Chocolate Massage

30 mins. 33,00 €; 60 mins. 59,00 €
A hot chocolate massage is a really special wellness experience that combines relaxing massage techniques with the pampering effects of cocoa butter and – thanks to the positive qualities of chocolate – has a mood-lifting and invigorating effect on the soul. A fragrant mixture of warm cocoa butter, especially rich in active agents, shea butter and almond oil is spread gently over the body and lightly massaged in, so that the valuable ingredients nurture, vitalise and regenerate the skin.

Whole-body Aroma Massage

60 mins 55,00 €
Essential oils are combined with sensitive massage in the aroma massage. Here the senses of touch and smell are combined together. This massage is done with proven massage oils enriched with essential oils. The aroma massage is an especially gentle, slow massage that can promote wellbeing and quality of life with the right selection of essential oils. It frees you from stress, relaxes you and restores your inner balance.

Whole-body Massage

60 mins 49,00 €
A whole-body massage inspires relaxation from head to toes. This massage pampers your muscular system and skin, relieves tension and ensures a generally better sense of wellbeing. Leave your day-to-day stress behind you and enjoy the massage.

Hot Stone Massage

40 mins. 39,00 €
In this special massage technique, the warmth from heated stones penetrates right down into the deeper parts of the body and stimulates blood circulation. The result of this application is mental and spiritual balance, a general feeling of wellbeing and activation of the body’s own sources of energy.

Herbal Pouch Massage

30 mins. 33,00 €; 60 mins. 59,00 €
With this indulgent massage, your whole body is treated with special oils that are pre-heated, oiled in and subsequently massaged with pouches filled with fragrant herbs. In the process the herbs release their ethereal substances and activate your self-healing powers. The blood flow and circulation are stimulated and, at the same time, the agreeable herbal fragrances provide a comforting atmosphere.

Ear Candle Massage

40 mins. 39,00 €
With the ear candle treatment, first your neck and head are thoroughly massaged so they become loosened up and relaxed. Then a special ear candle is put in your right auditory canal and lit. After this has burnt out (10 mins. approx.), the process is repeated on your left. While the candle is burning down in your ear, you feel enclosed in a pleasant, warm feel. The ear candle treatment which is deployed above all for sleeplessness, internal unrest and migraines.

We would like to point out, however, that these treatments are not medical treatments and we promise neither a success from the therapy nor a replacement to visit from a doctor in cases of long-term and severe pain or chronic illnesses.

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