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In the holiday mood at Eurostrand

A holiday the way it’s supposed to be: rest and relaxation with our All Inclusive programme. Stay in 4-star hotel-standard comfort in two of Germany’s finest holiday regions: Fintel in the Lüneburger Heide or Leiwen in the Mosel Valley. Go on organized excursions with expert tour guides, enjoy a top-class culinary programme, experience special events or use our various leisure facilities.

All Inclusive Essen

Club vacation all inclusive

Would you like your holiday to begin even before you arrive? Then let us arrange a bus transfer for you. On certain dates the journeys to and from the resort are included in the price. We’ll pick up you and your luggage in one of the stated towns, so you can sit back and relax while we handle the journey for you.

Decide which holiday is right for you. No matter whether you’re staying for 5, 6 or 8 days, once you arrive our warm and friendly team will fulfil just about any wish you may have. In the evenings you can look forward to our culinary evening buffet, followed by an entertainment programme. During the day we provide not only a generous breakfast buffet but also plenty of leisure options – excursions to the surrounding area, entertainment programmes or use of the leisure facilities.

We’ve got something to suit everyone.

Of course, you can also keep to yourself if you prefer. But if you feel like some company – here at Eurostrand it’s just so easy to start a nice conversation or to have fun together

So whatever you feel like doing, we’ll be happy to look after and assist you during the finest time of the year.
Clubvacation in Germany

My Holiday

  • Group trip
  • Average age 50+
  • Easy travel
  • All Inclusive

starting from 289,– Eur per Person

My Holiday

Here you will find the dates 2015 & 2016

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