Conferences and Events

Our range of services for your perfect event

The EUROSTRAND resorts offer you an almost endless variety of event options. As well as full organization and an excellent value for money. What have you been paying for your conferences and corporate events up to now – and what do you get for your money? It’s worth making a comparison!

Conferences in the hotel

Event Organisation bei Eurostrand

Over 280 events a year – more than 100,000 guests
Firmenveranstaltungen und Events

Our list of references shows just how good our facilities are for every type and size of event. Our Event Team will handle all the details of planning and realization, beginning with travel and also including the rooms and facilities, organizing the breaks and the evening entertainment.

So how do you benefit?

Absolutely first-class value for money. Plus the option of providing new, exciting kinds of motivation: open air, on the beach or in the vineyards, on a boat trip or a carriage trip...

Please call our Events department for further information and for a detailed events catalogue with plans of all our conference rooms: 040 - 22 633 43 0. Or send us an email: